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Shelby J  Stiles tickets
Shelby J Stiles

slave to music

I just got into the rave scene and the whole EDM as a whole. I fell in love from the start. Yes, like most it started off with Skrillex but has blossomed into something even bigger then just Skrillex. I love the whole edm scene. The music just takes me to a whole new world that i've never experienced. It's brought me close to the amazing people I already know and has introduced me to people I could never forget. Aside from EDM and going to shows. I work, alot. I like to dance, party and in my free time I like to find new things to get into. Adventuring, hiking, getting dolled up, sleeping, getting into anime are just a few of my favorite pass times. I'm good company and I always love to have a good time. Try and keep up! ;)

all photo albums /  love of my life <3