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christopher barnes tickets
christopher barnes

hi im an asshole but im a funny asshole so its ok i speak my mind i dont hold back i love to party and dance im into all seance but there is no beter atmistpher then a rave! back to the asshole thing i just make alot of jokes but normaly at some ones expence but they laugh its not ment to be takin to heart im chill and down to earth i love making people laugh even if its at my own expence i have no problem making jokes about my self i belive life is ment to be lived so do what makes you happy fuck sosietys rules i 100% belive in karma and do my best to stay on its good side i also belive in the rule of 3 and the laws of atraction!!! im also the type that when i get lost i dont get mad or anything but just see it as another advenchure i even like geting lost of purpose some times if you havent realized yet i cant spell to save my life, if it wassent for spell check i would never get a passing grade on a essay lol