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Positive Deviant Photography tickets
Positive Deviant Photography

Welcome to my little corner of the site. I'm guessing if your here, your probably looking for a picture I took of you! Here is what you can do to help me, help you. First, I am not the only photographer for the site, in so-cal. You can always check http://fla.vor.us/ikandi and/or http://fla.vor.us/2140449-Dan-Rawe-Photography-tickets.html Second, I post everything that is in focus, and not super redundant. From there, the creative people at Groove choose what photos to put up on the main photo page (the http://fla.vor.us/photos on the card) I have no control over their shot selection, or when things go live on the main photo page. Third, if you still need help finding a picture I took of you, It would help a lot if you have a photo of your self on your profile, or if you message me with a facebook/myspace/photo link. Thanks for your support!