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Rockers Movement

Welcome to <strong>Rockers Movement</strong> a collective designed to <strong>enable change</strong> and <strong>create solutions</strong>. Derived from the 1978 film <strong>'Rockers'</strong>, this movement started with an obligation to do something good, and to affect people positively. <strong>Mission:</strong> To raise awareness and to bring an end to extreme poverty, through arts and entertainment. We present experiences for all to come together and create lasting change. <strong>Goal:</strong> To improve the quality of life for people who otherwise cannot afford it, with food and other donations collected at the <strong>Miami Reggae Festival</strong>. The ways in which we can have a positive effect are limitless. By working together we transform communities, our environment and ourselves, be a part of the how and why! The social consciousness aspect of music, the language of the people, has helped us to bring together like-minded, cool, positive people who are actually making an impact. Join us in social, cultural, and intellectual exchange. <strong>We are Rockers!</strong><br><br><strong>Rockers Movement</strong>' spirit and vision is to create a brand that is strong, bold, secure and peaceful, in order to stray away from the existing complex presentation of most conventional concerts and non-profit organizations. The name “<strong>Rockers Movement</strong>“ is to pay respect and connect to the ‘<strong>Rockers</strong>’ around the globe. The ‘<strong>R</strong>’ is drawn in one continuous stroke representing the continuously expanding link of the past and present ‘<strong>Rockers</strong>’. The ‘<strong>R</strong>’ is tilted to emphasize the spirit and energy of the shows of ‘<strong>Rockers Movement</strong>’.<br>

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